Zip Code Shipping
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Zip Code Shipping


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Features - Admin can apply shipping for particular and multiple zip codes. - Admin can charge the customer with 3 different options like ( Weight Range, Price Range and Fixed ). - Admin can set the error message to display the after the zip code entered and is not available by the customer. - Admin can select multiple products with same zip codes and same rules which make it easier to configure same zip code conditions for multiple products. - Admin can manually add the Zip codes specific for that product or can avail the multiple zip codes according to the product and admin requirements. - Admin can enable or disable estimate days text to be displayed to the customer. - Admin can configure the estimate days text to be displayed to the customer in shipping. - Admin can set the price for shipping according to rules ( can be different for different products ). - Customer can see and select the shipping in the front end. - No Core File Changes - OCMOD installation


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